Evil cloning

A leak from the Kremlin has shared thousands of documents in a Facebook group. Our experts have gone through the information and all the evidence points to one really disturbing fact: The Russian army has cloned Hitler. Multiple copies.

It was all done in collaboration with North Korea and China decades ago. Most of the Hitler-clones are acting in silence in every country around the world- sleepers until awakening- and they’re now awakening.

Be aware that a Hitler-clone can look like anyone. Instead of being short, with black hair and ugly mustache, they might have fluffy, white hair, or no facial hair at all.

Be aware of anyone you know or see on television, a boss, a coworker or politician who is acting like Hitler.


Underground, and militant, Climate Scientists are talking about a more aggressive approach to the climate situation. They are talking about the fact that just a few people in leadership positions around the world are responsible for all injustice and climate issues in the world. The scientists are talking about the MenTal, a tiny number of MEN in some countries who need to be exterminated for the rest of us to survive.

If earth was a ship and we are the passengers, managed by a murderer psychopath as captain, what would you do? The concept of different countries and many different leaders has reached a dead end.

The true artist

He was a passionate artist whose work could be seen around the endless art galleries of the universe. He was especially proud of Tellus, or Earth as the silly humans called it.

He liked to create his own worlds but he loved taking on a planet that God already started. He despised everything God stood for and laughed at his natural romance, symmetry, and all messages of love and peace. His greatest source of inspiration was the Big Bang and the chaos that ensued immediately after the great explosion.

Like other true artists, he worked with various themes – anger, gluttony, sloth, pride, greed, envy and voluptuousness. He was really passionate about his work and after several eons of intense experimentation, he had refined his style, a style marked by the random, raw, broken, and unfinished – a style that was absolutely roaring with emotion in true expressionist spirit.

He had quickly discovered that man was extremely easy to deceive and since the murder of the last Neanderthal he had been busy looking after his protégés and giving them new ingenious missions. He had a lot of fun with those people, nonetheless with a man who also claimed to be an artist, an artist who at their first meeting had painted in the unimaginative naturalistic dry style that God was so fond of; mountain landscapes, picturesque villages, and other nonsense. They had been hanging out together for a few eventful years and it looked very promising. But when the “canvas” was almost done, Hitler killed himself! And then, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, on which he had spent so much time!

The true artist flew around like a deadly hot comet, with burning tail and eyes like glowing coals— to the United States, Chile, Vietnam, Rwanda, China, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma, and several other countries. A genocide here, a natural disaster there, hotbeds of war, disease and famine, indeed he had been in and tried his utmost to create the chaos that he sought, and once again it had looked very promising. Paradoxically, God also served his purposes when the great world religions, like an earthquake, created deep abysses for men to fall into.

It was only when the man they called Putin started a new war in Europe that the true artist felt like he was done with his work on Earth. He took a last glance, nodded in satisfaction, and took off into the universe, onward to a certain red planet…