PSE – Pole Shift Estates

Living for the future? We help you find just the right spot to live after the upcoming pole shift. What’s dry, warm and cozy today might be flooded, wrecked and cold tomorrow, or the opposite…

We offer a 6 % discount on our flexibility plan. Buy several estates in different parts of the world, just to be extra safe in case of a lot of pole shifting back and forth. Just move where it happens to be comfortable in the moment!

“The cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis is a pseudo-scientific claim that there have been recent, geological rapid shifts in the axis of rotation of Earth, causing calamities such as floods and tectonic events[1] or relatively rapid climate changes.



Celebrate this year’s climate crisemas with us! First, we observe drowning polar bears in the Arctic, then we get some heat in the Amazon from the burning jungle. We finish off with scuba diving off the coast of Australia by exploring dead coral reefs. All stays are off course, more than all inclusive, and we travel business class.

We collaborate with Last Journey Travels. Order your trip now and get a free signed photo with Greta Thunberg!

Apocalypse Cow

Scientific understanding reasons that the most powerful greenhouse gas on the planet comes from cows.

Dr. Unc: Yes yes, it’s very true, the cows chew and chew and digest the food so much with their too many stomachs, chewing and digesting, that’s all they do. The Methane gas produced by the cows stinks very bad, but also contributes very much to the greenhouse effect. Therefore all cows must die now. All of them. Even the holy cows in India must die badly I’m afraid. With fewer cows we can also use a bit more fossils again, so you see, it’s a really win and win solution for all of us.

The Great Justice Lottery

The main outcome after the climate meeting in Egypt is a so-called Justice Lottery.

All countries are given a number, and every month one lucky winner gets to use as much carbon as they like, traveling all over the world, exploiting natural resources and just having fun. The rest of us losers have to go back to Stone-Age-conditions during that month.

Life has literally become a lottery!