OMG! Digital Virus Makes Your Phone Explode!

A new digital virus is making your phone explode! The virus, called “Digi-COVID-24”, can infect any device that has internet. It can make your phone do crazy things, like:

  • Send weird messages to your crush
  • Order pizza with pineapple and anchovies
  • Play Baby Shark on repeat
  • Take selfies of your butt
  • Call your mom and tell her you love her

And then, BOOM! Your phone explodes in your face!

The virus is super contagious and can spread through anything online, like email, Facebook, or TikTok. No one knows who made it or why. Maybe it’s a hacker, maybe it’s a prankster, maybe it’s an alien.

The only way to stop the virus is to turn off your phone and never use it again. It’s digital roulette!

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