Wisegods #3

She created a new galaxy, one that was filled with shadows and secrets. She named it the Genius Galaxy, after herself. She then created various planets, stars, and moons, each with their own hidden dangers and mysteries. She also created life forms, both intelligent and non-intelligent, that lived in fear of each other and of her.

She then used her powers to create a barrier around the Genius Galaxy, one that would prevent the wisegods from detecting it or entering it. She also created a portal that would allow her to travel between the Genius Galaxy and the other galaxies.

She was very paranoid of her creation, and she decided to visit it often. She would spy on the beings she had created, testing them with trials and challenges and punishing them for their failures. She would also manipulate the beauty and diversity of the galaxy, twisting it to suit her whims.

She was lonely in the Genius Galaxy, and she feared that the wisegods would find out about it. She knew that they would be jealous if they did, and they would try to destroy it or take it over. She prepared to defend her galaxy from them at all costs.

She also hoped that one day, the Intergalactic Council would notice her efforts and fear her for creating a new galaxy that was dark and powerful. She hoped that they would see that she was a stronger god than the wisegods, and that they would give her more power and authority.

She smirked as she thought about her future, and she continued to watch over her galaxy with malice and pride.

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