Angry reader

Deer HumanIfy,

I am very upset with you’re recent posts that I found extremely sacrilegis. You make fun of the pope, God and religion and I won’t be reading your blogs no more. You are going to hell and I won’t be apart of it none. I will be praying for all of you and I believe in my heart that you will see and change your ways. Cincerely, Doris

Dear Doris,

A “deer” is an animal, while “dear” is a term used to indicate affection. You confused “you’re” with “your” and should have said “anymore”. Sacrilegious is spelled this way. By saying you are not “apart” of going to hell, you are implying that you are definitely a part of it and we will see you there. Sincerely is spelled with an “s”.

See you in hell Doris!

p.s. – Hell has to be real because we can’t think of any other single option than it being totally and definitely real and no one could just make it up because that would be impossible.

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