Oh sheet!

An ice sheet the size of greater New York City has broken off from Antarctica. The ice sheet is 1554 square kilometers (600 sq. miles) in size. This happened at the end of January.

January. Not spring. January.

In other news, New York City has broken off from the United States and is slowly drifting up toward Nova Scotia.

Canadian Jedediah Newfoundland: Now you listen here, aye. We don’t want your trash up here buddy. If it comes up here, we’ll send it back. Yes, sir we will. We’ll get real mad and you don’t want to see a Canadian when he’s mad, m’kay. We’ll shake our finger then fold our arms, we’ll be so angry.

No one cared about the ice sheet or New York. We just all pretended it didn’t happen and then went about our daily lives and continued to buy stuff and throw it away to buy new stuff. Whatevs.

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