T-coin™ plummeting

Markets opened today and T-Coin™ immediately fell to a record low. TCN is doing far worse than expected and analysts have this to say:

Cheech Marin: Hey man, forget about BTC and TCN man- all this crypto stuff. It’s all a scam man. Invest in THC. I did and then I totally forgot about it until all this money just fell out of the sky man.

Tommy Chong: I lost everything in TCN. I’m with Cheech. THC is the way to go man.

(Anonymous) Thorenoussardus corporate lawyer: Thorenoussardus Coin™ is a prudent and sound investment strategy for a secure financial future. TCN is the best option. Buy TCN today.

Warren Buffett: Of all the bad cryptocurrency investments, T-Coin™ is the worst of the worst.

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