New Year

One week into the new year and the evidence is still with us: balloons in trees, vomit on the lawn, champagne corks in the street, fragments of fireworks, underwear dangling from low-lying tree branches like remnants of broken New Year’s resolutions.

Gym memberships are sold at the beginning of the year to optimistic people who will use them for a few weeks and then drop off by mid-February.

But there’s hope!

Thanks to Dr. Unc’s scientific method of behavioral economics!

Doktor Unc: You cannot just “out with bad, in with good”. No, no you must substitute with carrot, not with stick! You can just eat the carrot but this is not much of a reward now is it?

Think like this. You hate going to gym. But if you place small reward at the end of it, you will do it. Instead of saying I must go to gym, you say: If I go to gym, then I get to smoke this tiny bowl of meth.

Try it. Works every time!

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