The billionaire savior is a relatively modern concept that has embedded itself in our collective psyche. Much like a savior god, we expect the saviornaire will swoop down at the last minute to save us from a future of certain gloom and doom.

If only we worship him properly and ooh and ahh at his genius, and allow him generous tax breaks, the saviornaire will take pity on us and save us all with his elite technology and extensive wealth and connections. Just before the tsunami of salt water and acid and the bombs start to erupt from the volcano of nuclear hellfire, a super yacht will float up and the saviornaire will say, “welcome aboard“.

And if you want to buy a magic beanstalk complete with unicorns and dancing fairies, you’re in luck! Thorenoussardus has one. All you need to do is click your heels together, snap your fingers and believe. Oh, and come up with 42 billion for the beanstalk.

Closing costs and fees apply.

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