Forget password managers or keychains. We asked random people on the street about password hygiene and they had this to say:

Billie: Like, don’t use like password123 or something. Use, like password321, you know, mix it up.

Donna: I just use my birthday and my pet’s name. I’m a Virgo and my pet cat Fluffy was always there for me on my birthday. All my friends know my password. You need a good backup system, you know?

Ahmed: You gotta use the same one for everything. Otherwise, how you gonna memba it? Mine is short. It’s gimmeDat420. See how I throw in the big D in the middle. Class dismissed. I smoke a lot of weed yo.

Dave: My friends call me Durb. I don’t trust those password managers. I write that shit on a post it and stick it to the monitor. I got two big ass monitors. I got my shit tight bro. Tight!

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