Quantum Mechanics

We called Quantum Mechanics Incorporated to learn the latest in string theory, physics and the future of scientific research.

Owner: Quantum Mechanics, this is Jeb speaking.

Science Weekly: Yes, we were wondering if we could visit your facility and perhaps interview some of your researchers.

Owner: Uh… okay…

Science Weekly: We’re making a documentary about quantum mechanics.

Owner: A documentary? About us?

Science Weekly: Well, yes, about the field of quantum mechanics.

Owner: You want to shoot a documentary in the field behind Quantum Mechanics?

Science Weekly: The documentary is about quantum mechanics, yes.

Owner: What about it?

Science Weekly: What it is, how it works.

Owner: Well we’re working on a Jeep at the moment. Just put a new carburetor in and we’re about to toss on a lift kit and throw on some big ass off-road tires.

Science Weekly: Is this the quantum physics department at MIT?

Owner: Pff, nah, this is Quantum Mechanics Garage and Auto Body off highway 6.

Science Weekly: I think there’s been a mistake.

Owner: Hey man, you looking for an Eldorado Cadillac? I got one right here. Ain’t got much rust on it neither. Ma’facker still runs too.

Science Weekly: Sorry to bother you sir. [click]

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