Not now!

Thoreno walked in a purposeful manner, aiming straight ahead. He was a dinosaur intent on his mission. But Ssaurdus was in a playful mood. He danced around Thoreno, running and jumping about. Come play Thoreno, he coaxed.

Thoreno wasn’t having it. Can’t you see I’m busy Ssaurdus? But I want to play, said Ssaurdus. We can play another day, quipped Thoreno. But I want to play now! Ssaurdus was a pest, that little dinosaur never quit.

Thoreno spun around, his long and tapered tail nearly taking out Ssardus in the process. Ssardus ducked as the tail whipped past, just above his head.

Leave me alone Ssaurdus! I can’t do it today. I’m meeting Helenossaurdus for a date. Ssardus rushed in, tackling Thoreno, bowling him over on his back. Ssardus leapt onto Thoreno’s stomach and began tickling him maliciously. Thoreno laughed uncontrollably but was still visibly irritated with the incorrigible little Ssaurdus.

Alright! Enough! Everything stopped. Thoreno righted himself and began walking away but looking back, he smiled, see you soon, he said. He faced forward with original intent and marched onward.

Ssaurdus stood silently, examining the shrinking frame of Thoreno as he got smaller and smaller and farther and farther away.

Round two, Ssardus muttered to himself. He got a running start and picking up an alarming speed, he barreled down on an unsuspecting Thoreno.