Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Dog Gone It© is the number one dog dream capture device in the world.
Dog Gone It© is simple to use. Just place the device near your dog and start capturing your dog’s dreams immediately!

Our test dog (shown in picture above) is a lagotto named D-13957alpha. We can see from the Dog Gone It© app that she is currently dreaming about:

11:23 a.m. Dog Gone It© pet food; 11:27 a.m. Dog Gone It© pet toys; 11:31 a.m. dog is awake and biting her tail; 11:33 dog is asleep again, dreaming about Dog Gone It© pet food; 11:38 dog is having nightmare about a bigger dog chasing her; 11:41 dog is fully awake and barking at window due to undetectable noise; 11:57 dog is curled up again- something something Dog Gone It© brand bones.

Start experiencing your dog’s rich dream life today with Dog Gone It© brand dream capture!

*Dog Gone It© pet toys, Dog Gone It© pet food and Dog Gone It© bones all sold separately.

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