Thorenoussardus meets The Woo

Thorenoussardus enters the temple at the end of the world, bows to the fire and places a golden coin on the altar, then patiently waits. After some time, out from the fiery depths appears… The Woo Bird!

Woo is a special kind of bird with beautiful plumage and a rainbow of bright colors and an aura of incandescence. Woo produces a chalice of golden elixir made from the gold coin and presents it to Thorenoussardus. The liquid gold is quickly consumed and Thorenoussardus becomes intoxicated with intense euphoria. Woo retreats into the shadowy caverns from whence it came, leaving Thorenoussardus dancing and laughing and speaking in tongues and praising the gods of creativity for the many gifts they have bestowed!

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