Larry and Joe

Larry and Joe made it out of North Korea, but just by the skin of their teeth! They managed to dress up as concubines and danced for Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader. They did have to perform a few sexual acts that will not be discussed here. Larry is traumatized. Joe sits and stares at a blank wall. At any rate, they managed to make it to South Korea, hiding in the back of a horse-drawn hay carriage, eventually making it to Northern Seoul, where they ended up at a K-pop concert. They begged and pleaded to be sent back to North Korea to escape the awfulness of K-pop. The South Koreans offered to simply drive them to the airport. It was a solution that hadn’t occurred to Larry and Joe.

Joe wanted a souvenir while in N. Korea so he took something off Kim while the fat little dick tater was asleep.

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