In a parallel universe close to you…

A century’s use of green electricity of various kinds has finally become unsustainable. Solar, wind and water power were heavily used by humanity. The electricity has started to disrupt the magnet fields on earth.

Firstly, the birds got lost when they could no longer navigate. Canada goose ended up in the Bermuda Triangle and African swallows were flying in circles around Europe only to crash to thier deaths where they initially took off in Africa. Many people claimed they were allergic and ran into the woods to hide from the electricity. But it was too late, the invisible poison was everywhere.

Climate scientists say that earth will shift its poles within a couple of years and it will then be over. Fortunately, a group of researchers sponsored by the Electric cartel had come up with a brilliant idea. 

They said that there must be enormous quantities of fossil material deep under the earth’s surface. Politicians from countries all over the world signed the Mianus deal, after the city of Mianus in the U.S. where the global climate meeting 2022 was held.

All countries agreed to stop using green electricity and replace it with energy from fossil fuels of various kinds. Mostly dead Dinosaurs and plants and shit.

They succeeded with their cunning plan and after only a couple of years, birds were hitting the right spot again and only a few people still claimed that they suffered from electricity overload. Happy days were to follow!

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