Texas School Children Taste Freedom… Round after Round.

It’s never too early to learn America! Enroll your child in a gun program today so they too can taste some of that good ol’ American freedumb! Not like those freedumbless European, I’m a peeing school kids… losers.

Let’s all pretend we’re shocked by the headline. We ALL knew it wasn’t a question of IF but WHEN. “Thoughts and prayers” yada yada yada. Sky Daddy will save them blah blah blah. We’ll all forget as soon as the next thing big thing happens. “We The People”of short attention span. You probably already forgot what this article is about so here’s gun enthusiast, Jeb with further comment:

Jeb: “I ain’t even gonna try to defend the indefensible. These automatic weapons are idiotic and should be as hard to get as gonorrhea from the church lady”.

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