Crypto miners- black lung most common cause of death

Typical filthy miner at work in crypto mine, mining for precious coins which he will later sell for $ or € or any other real currency so he can actually buy things like food or nappies for his baby girl.

Crypto mining produces a carbon footprint the size of the Czech Republic, electronic waste equal to that of The Netherlands, and uses LOTS of electricity. To make matters worse, crypto miners are dying in record number from black lung, a respiratory illness that often ends in death and may cause people to make sketchy financial decisions- like investing in cryptocurrency.

T-coin™, due to recent market devaluation, is practically free and grows on trees! T-coin™ is mining-free and clearly the greener choice!

T-coin™. Taking the cryptic out of cryptocurrency!

Invest in environmentally righteous T-coin™ today!

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