Jeb offers apology, wants to rejoin Thorenoussardus

Jeb, completely broke and wearing pants to show solidarity with Thorenoussardus.

Jeb called the office today. The following is a transcript of our telephone conversation:

Jeb: “I’m broke but I’m wearing pants now- that outta be enough. I don’t think I should have been fired just for not wearing pants. I mean, Rosa Parks did something like that on that there bus and everybody says it was her right to protest”.

Thorenoussardus: “This is not even close to what Rosa Parks did and she was very tired from working all day- something you never did at Thorenoussardus. You did almost no work and you drank ridiculous amounts of coffee and went home before lunch”.

Jeb: “Well if you paid me better, I wouldn’t have to sell coffee to people on the sidewalk”.

Thorenoussardus: “This explains a lot”.

Jeb: I made a Patreon account and I wasn’t even working there anymore… now that’s dedication!”

Thorenoussardus: “OUR patreon goes to YOUR bank account”.
[Viewers please DO NOT give money to our Patreon]

Jeb: “So can I come back?”

Thorenoussardus: [after long pause] Alright.

Jeb: “Alrighty then! I’m taking my vacation now and goin’ fishin’… see you in 2 weeks!”

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