Jeb publicly criticizes Thorenoussardus

In a public statement today, Jeb had this to say:
“They ain’t one single ad on the whole damn thing! As the head honcho of marketing- that was my official job title- they wouldn’t let me use advertisements, so I said the heck with it!
I mean, errybody else is doing it, why not us? With all that and the whole, you gotta wear pants to work mandate was the problems”.

Jeb’s example website with good layout and solid revenue stream.

Jeb provided the above example saying, “this is how it’s done”. He went on to say, “this guy knows what the f*** he’s doing” and “them thorenoussardus are a bunch of f***ing idiots”. He concluded, “why would you say no to free money? That don’t make no sense”.

When reached for comment, thorenoussardus had this response:
“Firstly, Jeb no longer works here. He was fired. Secondly, we are currently exploring revenue streams while avoiding ad-based systems. We introduced T-coin but that tanked completely. Patreon is an option for people who support what we are doing. We would rather stay poor than give our readers a shitty experience”.

Upon reading their response, Jeb stated, “you alls a bunch of idiots”.

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