Ask Dr. Unc- poison frog, climate change, ayahuasca

Heinrich Sven Fleischmann of Dusseldorf wants to know:
Would you be open to giving a lecture at the University of Dusseldorf? We are studying poison dart frogs in the Amazon.

Dr. Unc:
Ah, Germany, very good. As you already know, I am an expert In that kind of frog, very, very interesting creature I must say. Their poison can be used in many various ways. Murder of course, but not only murder. It is also very efficient for impotence, in a small and very, very exact dose, 0,0069ml to be exact.

Greta Thunberg of Stockholm wants to know:
What are you doing about climate change?

Dr. Unc:
Very good question Greta, and important too.
I do so much, a little here and a little there, mostly here to be honest. It’s so many things I do so it’s really hard to remember actually. Oh, now I remember! I have started to feed my reptiles and spiders in my office with organic local worms, instead of imported Australian King Kong worms, the really fat ones, you know. We all can do something to contribute, that’s very true.

Andy Wood of Tulsa, Oklahoma wants to know:
How much Ayahuasca can I take and still be safe?

Dr. Unc:
Dear Andy, it’s a very delicate question.
Luckily for you I happen to be an expert in that particular drug, or plant, as I prefer to call it.
I give it to my patient Larry all the time, lots and lots of it, and he is responding very very well on the treatment. In one of my sessions  he tried to screw off his own head but of course that didn’t work so well. So you see now Andy that its perfectly safe to use a lot of that plant, and what creativity it gives you, oh…
Use it in your tea, on toasted bread, on the pizza as a topping, or just chew the leaves like a little little rabbit.

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