Jeb resigns in protest

Note: picture does not represent actual persons, nor does it condone violence in the workplace or joining a vigilante mob or militia. It’s just a picture of an anonymous person at a shooting range.

Thorenoussardus released this statement on Monday:
“We wish Jeb the best of luck. He has been our Head of Marketing and Research, as well as Chief Web Designer for several years now. We hired him in spite of his complete lack of HTML skills and inability to communicate with people. We just liked him and we still do”.

When reached for comment, Jeb had this to say:
“They used to make me wear a mask and I was fine with that, I ain’t no antivaxer! Now that I’m back in the office, they’re making me wear pants! Now that’s a bridge too far.
I quit!
And did you see that picture they put up there? Ain’t even me!”

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