Stuck in VR headset, gets on with life

Olivia Quest- living a full and meaningful life.

Olivia Quest bought a VR headset and was happy to experience virtual reality for the first time. She purchased her first mobile headset and started to play games and go on platforms where she made new friendships and had wonderful new experiences, but then the nausea and vomiting started. She tried to remove the headset, but to her shock and horror, discovered that it was permanently attached to her face and no matter how hard she tried, she could not remove it. Eventually, she gave up trying and today has learned to live with her condition. The passthrough feature is useful for things like tying her shoes and bike-riding, which she enjoys almost daily.
While non-VR interactions have become awkward and it’s almost impossible to find a boyfriend, VR is just a click away and that, she says, is “very convenient”.

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