Thorenoussardus Congratulates Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop is named 2022 Polar Music Prize Laureate in Stockholm, Sweden, along with Ensemble Intercontemporain, which was founded in Paris in 1976 by French conductor and composer, Pierre Boulez.
Mr. Pop is most well-known for his 18th century nursery rhyme, Pop Goes the Weasel and for his lesser-known records Raw Power, Lust for Life, Soldier and many more.
Due to general laziness and recent budget cuts at, the editor cannot be bothered with more details atm. We can’t even be bothered spelling out “at the moment”. Whoops, we did it anyway.
I have to stop wrtng nw before they start cutting vowels.
They have just started cutting vowels from the budg3t so I’m having to c0py/pasta n0w. Letters are being replaced with numbers as well.
Congrats *ggy PöP! from: thrnssrds dt cm

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