Thorenoussardus to refund 13.4 billion after crash

Artists’ rendition of T-coin as no actual image of T-coin is available
because T-coin is a virtual cryptocurrency and thus, does not exist.

A spokesperson and lawyer (also custodial-worker) from Thorenoussardus said today that the fledgling corporation and mega media mogul, Thorenoussardus has agreed to repay 13.4 billion in compensation to T-coin owners for the ridiculously overvalued cryptocurrency.

“We just chose a random number that sounded good in the beginning and that became the value,” he said. “To be honest, we didn’t really think it through,” he added. “So far we have gathered 9 dollars and 27 cents from the office sofa, which is a virtual sofa somewhere in the Metaverse. If we can find more virtual coins in other virtual sofas in the virtual universe, we can eventually pay it all back,” he concluded.

The Thorenoussardus representative wished to remain anonymous but rather peculiarly said, “My name is definitely not Joe or Larry”.

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