Dolphin clitoris made for a pleasurable sex life!?

I just read this news article about Dolphins and their sexlife. It seems like they are really made for enjoying sex. But how do we know that?

Well, according to the article the female dolphin has a really sensitive clitoris. Wow, I can only guess how this was found out, and oops… now I got weird pictures in my head again: 

” – PhD-Larry, can you please attach the smart-dildo to the dolphin’s clitoris again. We have to measure how much she enjoys the stimulation, we can learn so much from this. – Ok professor, I’m on it”.

Come on! Leave the dolphins alone, give them some fucking privacy. They are probably smarter than all of us and would never come up with such a stupid idea of finding out if humans like to fuck or not. They are above shit like that.

Damn I wish I will become a female dolphin in my next life!

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