Larry’s Log #1

I was asked by Dr. Unc to write this stupid blog. I don’t know why. It’s supposed to help me with my stupid thoughts or something. I don’t know what I’m doing. I guess I’ll just write and see what happens.

I woke up today and decided against it- so I went back to bed. I woke up later, decided that I was right the first time and went back to bed the second time. When I woke up again it was the next day. Dr. Unc says that I avoid things and perhaps he’s right. I certainly avoided THAT day. Maybe it’s just as well. Nothing bad happened but it could have. Than again, many people die in their sleep so I probably did the right thing anyway.

I may have put this blog in the wrong place. Oh god! What if I published it in the wrong place! Calm down Larry. Breathe. I’m sure Dr. Unc can fix it. Oh no! What if it’s… the assistant? I’m never doing this again.

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